IntraPace gets CE Mark for new abiliti lead

Mountain View, CA-based IntraPace has received the CE Mark for the LGL102, a new gastric stimulation/food sensing lead designed to work with the implantable abiliti system to reduce procedure time. In a recent clinical study of the new lead, procedures were consistently completed in less than an hour, and operating time was reduced 22 minutes, or 30%.

The LGL102 simplifies the attachment of the food sensor and stimulation electrodes to the stomach. The sensor is able to detect food and drink and can trigger the abiliti stimulator device to create a feeling of fullness. These eating events, along with physical activity the patient engages in, are automatically recorded and available for downloading to a personal computer using the connect.abiliti Wand.

Physicians are initially placing abiliti in patients who are obese. However, scientists think it may one day be offered to those who are merely overweight to stop them from becoming larger, the Daily Mail notes.

IntraPace was founded in 2001. Abiliti has received the CE Mark, but it is not available in the U.S. Earlier this year, the company raised $60.9 million in funding from InCube Ventures, L Capital Partners and Oxford Bioscience Partners.

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