Intersect plugs positive drug-eluting sinus implant data

Intersect ENT showed it has another device to add to its line of sinus implants, touting positive data from a pilot study of its new steroid delivery implant to treat chronic sinusitis. The quarter-sized device--placed during a physician's office visit rather than surgically--reduced ethmoid sinus obstruction from 66% to 21% and sustained that level for all 6 months of the study, the company said, eliminating the need for surgery in 64% of the patients. It's similar to Intersect's Propel model implants, but the new device has more radial strength and a longer drug-eluting period. The company announced the results at the Annual American Rhinologic Society Meeting in Vancouver, Canada. Earlier this year, Intersect pulled in a $30 million round of financing to support commercial expansion of its implants. Release