Ignyta pulls in $1M loan for RA biomarker-test work; Nanotube transistors eyed for disease biomarker detection;

> Ignyta raised a $1 million loan from Silicon Valley Bank to help support its development of a biomarker-based test to help detect early-stage rheumatoid arthritis. Release

> Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and elsewhere are developing carbon-nanotube transistors that could be used to detect tiny amounts of disease biomarkers--including proteins--that can indicate prostate cancer. Story

> Merck KGaA's brain cancer drug cilengitide failed to perform in a late-stage study; the results put pressure on MDx Health, which is developing the drug's companion diagnostic biomarker test. Story

> High levels of IL-6 and D-dimer biomarkers are solid predictors of conditions in HIV patients including heart attacks, stroke, cancer and renal diseases, according to researchers at the University of Minnesota and colleagues. Story (sub. req)

> Breath contains at least 6 biomarkers that can realistically diagnose stress, according to a team of U.K. researchers. Abstract


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