Getinge launches 'highly flexible' angiography pairing

Getinge Group has launched a “highly flexible” angiography product which was developed along with GE Healthcare ($GE). The product is for use during surgery, interventional and hybrid operating room (OR) procedures.

The system uses the Magnus OR table system from Getinge’s Maquet and the GE Discovery IGS 730 angiography system. The announcement explained that pairing the two systems will help hospitals to expand the range of surgical procedures and interventions offered to patients. It will also help optimize hybrid ORs.

"Hybrid ORs have become the standard of care at medical centers throughout the United States as these multidisciplinary and multipurpose rooms have been shown to lead to improved clinical outcomes for cardiothoracic and other patients," said Mark Rider, vice president of marketing for the Americas in the surgical workflows division of Getinge Group. "With the U.S. launch of this new integrated solution that combines our MAGNUS OR table system, the centerpiece of a Hybrid OR, with GE's angiography system, hospitals across the country will be able to provide the best care for their patients who require a variety of multidisciplinary surgical interventions."

Individually, the two tools have very specific uses.

The Maquet Magnus OR table system uses a “floating” function and is used for imaging applications and surgical procedures. The floating function helps achieve quick and precise movements during catheter-based interventions.

“It can utilize interchangeable table tops for multiple clinical applications, ranging from the most advanced 360-degree 3D diagnostic imaging to specialized surgical procedures,” Getinge explained in the announcement.  

Discovery IGS 730 uses laser-guided mobile gantry to position the tech throughout the OR. This offers the medical team full patient access. It also offers high-quality 2D imaging, cone-beam CT HD and multimodality 3D fusion imaging.

- here's the release

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