GE Healthcare rolls out four cloud-based radiology apps to shift healthcare analysis to the cloud

GE Healthcare ($GE) is launching its Health Cloud--an effort to make images available to healthcare providers across multiple settings and to encourage remote analysis of them. It currently includes four cloud-based apps and was disclosed as part of the ongoing Radiological Society of North America meeting in Chicago, IL.

The apps include one focused on image postprocessing that enables 3-D image viewing; another is for collaborative care planning focused on radiologists and pathologists; there's an app for image and report sharing; and there's one for storing and analyzing the same patient's imaging data over time.

"Healthcare devices are generating enormous amounts of data, and that data is expected to increase 50-fold by 2020," said GE Healthcare President and CEO John Flannery in a statement. "The GE Health Cloud can help unlock the value of this data, quickly and seamlessly for better patient care. The GE Health Cloud will help clinicians turn data into insights, and insights into tangible actions for decision-makers to drive better outcomes."

The apps are being developed as part of a partnership with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; GE Healthcare and UPMC operate a joint venture known as Omnyx. They will be sold on a subscription basis and include a software developer's toolkit as well as billing and subscription management for the cloud-based service. The company expects the former will enable third-party app development for the GE Health Cloud.

"Our ultimate goal is to help improve patient care and drive superior clinical, financial and operational outcomes alongside healthcare providers," said GE chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt.

The Health Cloud is expected to be compatible with more than 500,000 installed GE imaging machines and enable more flexibility for where and how the images they produce will be analyzed. It will use interoperability standards, including FHIR, HL7 and DICOM, and is expected to have full attestations for HIPAA privacy compliance, and security including HITECH and HITRUST, and SOC2 certification.

"Our new apps will bring incredible computing and mobility power to radiologists and clinicians," said President and CEO of GE Healthcare IT Jan De Witte. "By enhancing radiologists' speed and confidence through the apps, we can help improve their ability to collaborate with referring clinicians inside and outside the hospital."

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