Flowonix teams with Connecticut provider for implant of drug delivery infusion pump

Flowonix's Prometra--Courtesy of Flowonix

Infusion pump maker Flowonix Medical has been working hard this past year to beef up development for its drug delivery device, raising new funds and partnering with biotech Cebebral Therapeutics to broaden the reach for its technology. In its latest move, Flowonix has revealed the first implant of its drug delivery infusion pump in Connecticut.

The Mount Olive, NJ-based company teamed up with local provider Connecticut Pain Care to implant its Prometra II intrathecal infusion pump in a 43-year-old woman in Danbury, CT, who is suffering from severe chronic pain. Flowonix's Prometra II device delivers the generic pain drug morphine to the spine, reducing pain with lower daily doses than traditional oral meds. A new FDA-approved version of delivery system allows individuals to undergo MRIs while using the product, a win for the company as it chases a larger patient pool.

"We realize this is an important milestone in the therapy for this patient, but it is also an important milestone for us," Flowonix CEO Steven Adler said in a statement. "Our goal at Flowonix is to provide doctors and their patients all over the world with the most accurate, innovative and reliable intrathecal infusion systems available."

A successful implantation of its delivery system could mean big things for Flowonix as it pushes for expanded use of its technology. In November 2014, the company raised $40 million in debt and equity financing to develop its Prometra system. Flowonix planned to use the proceeds to double its sales and marketing team and sink funds into infrastructure and R&D. Last month, the company said it would join forces with Aurora, CO-based Cerebral Therapeutics to create an implanted drug delivery system that directly administers Cerebral's small molecule candidates to the brain.

In the meantime, the company is concentrating on improving its system with add-ons and patient-friendly features. In August, Flowonix scored an FDA OK for its patient therapy controller (PTC) for its Prometra system. The small, hand-held device includes a touch screen that allows patients to administer drugs as needed.

"Our new Patient Therapy Controller demonstrates our ongoing commitment to making the Prometra drug delivery system the most advanced infusion system available. This device will allow a great number of patients, specifically those with variable pain pathologies, to benefit from targeted drug delivery," Adler said at the time.

- here's Flowonix's statement