FierceMedicalDevices now via e-mail Monday and Wednesday

We've seen remarkable growth in our e-mail readership since the launch of FierceMedicalDevices last February. With that growth comes higher expectations from you, the reader. We publish stories throughout the week to, but it's clear the volume of business-critical news important to medical devices insiders exceeds the length of a weekly e-mail newsletter. Instead of adding "magazine pages" to our Wednesday issue, we've gone to a twice-weekly e-mail newsletter. Starting today, you'll receive FierceMedicalDevices every Monday and Wednesday.

Our added coverage couldn't have come at a better time. Innovations and growth in devices continue at a breathtaking rate, while regulatory changes loom with FDA's upcoming revamp of the 510(k) program. We're ready to bring you the news as it happens. - Arsalan Arif (twitter | email)