FDA clears imaging system to detect vision disorders in newborns

Fremont, CA's Visunex Medical Systems announced FDA clearance of its PanoCam Pro Wide-field Imaging System for the detection of vision disorders in newborns. Visunex says it is the first wireless integrated hardware and software platform for capturing images of the back of newborns' eyes. Images can be stored in the cloud or at an associated review station. The test is supposed to be performed prior to hospital discharge. "We are launching the PanoCam Pro, which is a key product to help Ophthalmologists and Maternal Clinicians identify vision disorders to help preserve vision in the NICU, OR, Birthing Centers and Clinical Offices," said CEO Dr. Wei Su in a release. "Our PanoCam Pro and PanoCam Review Software will help clinicians identify vision disorders that may be reversed to preserve healthy vision." Release