FDA approves Insulet's next-gen OmniPod insulin device

Insulet ($PODD) secured FDA approval of its next-generation OmniPod delivery system, a few weeks after news broke that it is breaking a long-term partnership linking its product with DexCom's ($DXCM) glucose monitoring technology.

MedGadget reports that the OmniPod approval covers an insulin pump 34% smaller and 25% lighter than the older version, as well as a wireless glucometer that calculates available insulin up to 5 feet away. Just like the older version, the pump can be worn for up to three days at a time, and it also has added safety features, according to the story.

What will be interesting is to watch what happens next. Insulet, based in Bedford, MA, is already working with a new as-yet-unnamed partner to develop an insulin infuser with a built in continuous glucose monitor.

Its relationship with DexCom ended largely because it is seeking to develop one-site technology rather than the use of two different devices. Since 2008, Insulet paired its OmniPod with DexCom's continuous glucose monitoring tech.

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