Dx screen for biopolar patients ideal for Ketamine; Pfizer's Dx head speaks;

> Sofie Biosciences pulled in $5 million in Series A financing from investors including Tata Industries, MRM Capital and Cycad Group. The money will help boost, in part, the company's new PET imaging probes for research. Item

> For the first time, researchers believe they have the best way to determine which bipolar patients will benefit best from the drug ketamine, which is typically used to treat depression and pain. Item

> Critical Diagnostics is rolling out a new point-of-care cardiac disease test. Item

> Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic and others have developed a blood test that can help diagnose lung and prostate cancers and determine if they will recur after surgery. Item

> Hakan Sakul, executive director and head of diagnostics with Pfizer's ($PFE) research and development arm, recently spoke with the Del Mar Times about his work and trends in companion diagnostics development. Story

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