Dexcom launches data sharing in cloud-based diabetes management

dexcom g5 system including cell phone and app
Dexcom Mobile G5 CGM system--Courtesy of Dexcom

Dexcom ($DXCM) unveiled new data-sharing capabilities for its cloud-based diabetes management platform, Clarity.

Now, patients and physicians may easily share data with each other, according to a Dexcom statement. The platform automatically sends patient data from the Dexcom G5 continuous glucose monitor to a secure cloud-based system that his or her physician can access.

The new clinic portal integrates into the existing Clarity infrastructure, so physicians will have access to retrospective CGM blood glucose data. To start using data sharing, physicians will use the platform to generate an email inviting patients to securely share their CGM data. On accepting the invitation, patients will be connected to their physician’s office and automatic data sharing via the Dexcom G5 mobile app or a computer will commence, Dexcom said.

"DexCom CLARITY simplifies the interpretation of CGM-generated data and allows for automated summaries and insights for physicians, empowering them to assess if a diabetes treatment plan is working,"  said Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer, in the statement.

In addition to informing clinicians’ diabetes management decisions, Clarity also gives patients a better understanding of their CGM data. The upgrade includes an interactive “overlay” graph, which puts glucose data in a weekly overview, allowing the patient to visualize the frequency, duration and intensity of their hypo- and hyperglycemia patterns.

Dexcom has been on a roll of late, last week dropping details on its in-development G6 CGM and partnership with Verily on its Q2 earnings call. And just last month, the San Diego-based company picked up an FDA nod for the use of its G5 monitor as an alternative to fingerstick glucose testing to inform treatment decisions.

- here's the statement

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