ResMed rolls out CPAP treatment tracker app

Courtesy of ResMed

ResMed’s myAir, a program for CPAP users to track sleep apnea treatment, is now available in the U.S. The app can be used by those working with the ResMed Air10.

Courtesy of ResMed
The web application has been well used, with roughly 900 patients a day signing up for the service. The application offers a daily “myAir score” which offers up data on how long a person slept on CPAP, how many apneas they had and how well the CPAP mask fit. Users also receive tips for greater comfort and sleep.

Users also earn badges as they reach milestones in their treatment.

myAir isn’t just for patients, either. The tech can help doctors and care providers sort out who needs more support, and who is doing well with their CPAP compliance.

“myAir helps my patients be more engaged with their therapy and achieve better health outcomes,” said Jennifer Wilkymacky-Wormald, clinical and marketing manager for the Cincinnati-area ATI CPAP Solutions, in the announcement. “Plus, it helps our office run more efficiently. The more patients who achieve CPAP compliance, the more time we have to focus on patients who still need extra support.”

According to the announcement 84% of myAir uses reach CPAP compliance within 90 days. On average, only half of CPAP users are compliant.

Not only is CPAP compliance important in terms of successful treatment of sleep apnea, but it’s also needed so equipment providers can receive reimbursement from Medicare and other insurers.

“We have seen increased rates of patient engagement and satisfaction by integrating myAir into their treatment plans,” said Raj Sodhi, ResMed's president of Healthcare Informatics. Sodhi stressed that the iPhone app will make the program even more convenient for individuals to use.

While the app is not currently available on Android, users without an iPhone or other Apple device can take advantage of the web application.

- here's the release
- and here's the myAir website

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