Covidien's catheter posts sterling 5-year results

Covidien reports its ClosureFast device has proven itself in a 5-year study--courtesy of Covidien

Covidien ($COV) has wrapped up a 5-year study of its ClosureFast radiofrequency ablation catheter, finding that the venous treatment stuck for 92% of patients at the end of the span.

ClosureFast is designed to treat superficial venous reflux, which can lead to varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency, and the company studied 225 patients at centers around Europe to confirm its effectiveness. Covidien reports that 95% of patients were free of venous reflux after 5 years, compared to 99% after one year, and the devicemaker says that proves ClosureFast provides sustained treatment for patients.

"This pivotal study provides substantial long-term data on relevant end-points to help clinicians decide the appropriate treatment for their patients, thus defining Covidien's commitment to a strong foundation of clinical research," Mark Turco, CMO for vascular therapies, said in a statement.

Chronic venous insufficiency takes place when veins in the lower leg fail to push blood back to the heart, allowing it to flow backward and result in varicose veins. The affliction affects about 30 million Americans, Covidien says, but ClosureFast presents an effective, minimally invasive alternative, using radiofrequency energy to seal diseased veins shut without the pain and inconvenience of surgery, researcher Thomas Proebstle said.

"The 5-year final analysis from the ClosureFast study shows sustained treatment success in anatomical and clinical categories and supports its leading position in endovenous vein treatment," Proebstle said in a statement.

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