Corinthian raises $2M, sets sights on eye drug delivery device

The eye dropper has been a tried-and-true device to deliver medicine for years. Corinthian Ophthalmic, however, is looking to develop a new device to introduce meds to the eye.

According to an SEC filing, the Raleigh, NC-based startup recently raised a little under $2.3 million in equity investment. Skip Ballou, the company's founder and president, declined to provide MedCity News with more details about Corinthian's technology, although he said he'd explain more about it in mid-March. Ballou did reveal that his company is eyeing a licensing arrangement or partnership with a pharma company that could use Corinthian's technology as a drug delivery device, according to MedCity News.

The company also is consulting with the FDA on a potential approval pathway for the device, which Ballou sees as more accurate and less wasteful than the standard eye dropper.

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