Cook snags 510(k) for colonic stent

Cook Medical is expanding its Evolution line of stents, securing 510(k) clearance for a colonic model the company says can cut down on painful symptoms in colectomy patients.

The Evolution colonic controlled-release stent is targeted to ease the discomfort associated with colon cancer-related bowel obstructions prior to colectomies. In a study of 80 patients, the device got high marks for clinical success and resulted in no adverse events in post-procedure reports, the company said.

The stent allows for easier deployment and maneuverability, according to Cook. It can expand and retract, while using the company's proprietary Flexor tech to avoid kinks. "Now clinicians have the ability to precisely deploy and recapture colonic stents," said Barry Slowey, head of Cook's endoscopy unit, in a statement. "That can make it easier to place the stent the first time around, potentially reducing the need for repeat procedures, while increasing efficiency in the GI unit."

The stent is already available to some physicians, and Cook is planning to expand the device's reach in the coming months. The colonic model joins on-the-market Evolution stents for duodenal and esophageal uses.

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