Cleveland Clinic, Candescent Health partner to create cloud-based radiology network

Dashboard showing feedback to radiologists--Courtesy of Candescent Health

The Cleveland Clinic has partnered with startup Candescent Health in a multiyear deal for the creation of a U.S. cloud-based radiology network based on consistent standards and workflow processes. The partnership is the latest example of the ongoing assessment of how to best access and use radiology resources given the ever-expanding potential for sharing diagnostic images and integrating software analyses.

Earlier this year, Candescent was formed after Sheridan Healthcare acquired Radisphere to become the largest U.S. hospital-based radiology practice. After the sale of the radiology services component Radisphere, Candescent Health has focused on all of the software, analytics and business processes that were retained and had been the basis of that business.

Candescent just rolled out its software-enabled service for radiologists last week. Now the Cleveland Clinic deal is among its first opportunities to put that to use.

As part of the deal, Cleveland Clinic will help Candescent develop new products aimed at improving productivity, efficiency and diagnostic performance of radiology practices throughout the U.S. The startup, in turn, expects to assist in the expansion of the reach of Cleveland Clinic's own advanced radiology services. Cleveland Clinic also retains the right to make a future equity investment in Candescent as part of the deal.

"The healthcare model of the future requires that we find better, more efficient ways to provide services," said President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic Dr. Toby Cosgrove in a statement. "That will only happen through technological advances that lower costs, drive efficiencies and allow doctors to put patients first. This partnership will help the radiology community improve quality and productivity by expanding technology and clinical expertise to health systems throughout the country."

The Cleveland Clinic already is one of the top 5 radiology providers with more than 177 radiologists conducting about 2.3 million studies a year.

Candescent's RadPerform was designed by veteran radiologists and was used for more than a decade to manage one of the country's largest multilocation radiology practices, Radisphere. The startup's RadPerform includes cloud-based, as well as data and rules driven workflow management that includes work lists, targeted routing, schedule management and quality management. The case and workflow management is offered continuously. In addition, the system offers recommendations on how to adjust operations to achieve specific key performance initiatives.

"Through this sophisticated workflow system, radiologists will be able to streamline and eliminate administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on patient care and the clinical work we were all trained to do," concluded Dr. Michael Phillips, Director of the Center for Business Development at the Cleveland Clinic Imaging Institute.

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