China declares the creation of the first blood vessel 3-D bioprinter

News from an official Chinese government outlet stated that a biotech company has created the first 3-D blood vessel bioprinter that could one day enable the creation of personalized, functional organs. The device uses stem-cell bio-ink dubbed Biosynsphere. The company is Sichuan Revotek, which is based in Chengdu. "The creative breakthrough in the 3-D blood vessel bio-printing means we have mastered the stem cell-based 3-D bio-printing technology," said Yang Keng, chairman of Sichuan Languang Development. Revotek is a subsidiary of Sichuan Languang. "We have successfully realized the blood vessel regeneration by relying on the 3-D bio-printer, the biosynsphere technology and the data model based on cloud computing," he said. More

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