BSD up on FDA clearance of cervical cancer treatment; Great Basin seeks regulatory sign-off for C. diff test;

> In what CEO Harold Wolcott called a "significant milestone," BSD Medical has received the FDA's OK to sell a heat-therapy system used in the treatment of cervical cancer patients. The company's shares shot up 19% in premarket trading. BSD release | Story

> Great Basin Corporation has submitted a 510(k) application for its first molecular diagnostic test for Clostridium difficile. Great Basin release

> Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center researchers are teaming up with the Department of Veterans Affairs on a research project aimed at advancing the treatment of military personnel suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Using a high-tech tool for brain activity imaging called magnetoencephalography, researchers will conduct neurological tests on military veterans with and without a PTSD diagnosis, and with varying levels of impairment. Wake Forest release

> Pittsburgh's Wright Therapy Products, which makes compression devices, has raised about $1.1 million of what the company hopes is a $2 million haul. News

> Retina Implant AG's scientific advisory board is backing the start of the multi-center phase of the company's second human clinical trial. The trial will be expanded across Europe in 5 new sites, including two additional locations in Germany, Oxford, London and Budapest. Retina Implant release

And Finally... In a paper published in the journal Nature Materials, University of Georgia scientists describe a new material that emits a long-lasting, near-infrared glow after a single minute of exposure to sunlight. Lead author Zhengwei Pan said the material has the potential to, among other things, revolutionize medical diagnostics. UGA release