Boston Sci ($BSX) implants first Vercise device in Parkinson's study

Boston Scientific ($BSX) has implanted the first of its Vercise deep brain stimulation system as part of the multicenter, prospective VANTAGE clinical trial evaluating the device in Parkinson's patients. The system is designed to deliver electrical signals to specific areas in the brain through individual lead contacts that allow a more tailored amount of current flow based on patient needs.

"DBS has been available for many years as a treatment for Parkinson's disease, but I believe this new technology could provide a major step forward in this area of therapy," says Lars Timmermann, professor of eurology and co-principal investigator of the trial.

"The Vercise System is the only DBS system that incorporates multiple, independent current control designed to enable greater 'customization' of the therapy," adds Michael Onuscheck, senior VP and president of Boston Scientific's neuromodulation division. "The Company is excited to expand into a new area of stimulation therapy, demonstrating our continued commitment to investment in neuromodulation technology to improve patients' lives."

The Vercise DBS system is not available for sale.

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