Bodimetrics wins VA contract for health monitor

The Veterans Health Administration has awarded Bodimetrics, which markets a portable health monitor, a federal supply contract, allowing the VA and other federal organizations to purchase the device at preapproved pricing.

The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor tracks health metrics, such as ECG, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygenation noninvasively, according to the company. In addition to providing advice and information to support a healthy lifestyle and maintaining fitness, the device can also prompt users to take their medication.

The 3 oz device also allows remote patient monitoring, enabling physicians and patients to share data and monitor responses to medication and postoperative recovery, among other factors, in real time to improve outcomes and cut down on readmissions.

The contract is offered via the VA’s federal distribution partner, Lovell Government Services.

"Mr. Lovell and his team will help us move toward our goal of making Bodimetrics products a standard of care--not only for the brave men and women who have served, but also to allow clinicians to do remote monitoring for clinical decision making, and telehealth services,” said Bodimetrics COO Neil Friedman in the statement.

“Any patient who needs to non-invasively monitor their physiological status to manage chronic cardiac or respiratory illnesses, maximize training, fitness or weight loss regimens, or need to monitor SpO2 levels for sleep apnea, will find these products very effective,"  Friedman said.

- here's the statement

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