Blood biomarkers used to ID Alzheimer's; New proteomics approach to biomarker discovery; Orasi forges pact with Novartis

> In a new study, researchers in Texas were able to develop a highly accurate risk score for Alzheimer's by analyzing 100 biomarkers for the disease in blood serum. The risk score analysis was able to ID Alzheimer's patients with an 80 percent accuracy rate. Report

> Orasi Medical has forged a pact with Novartis Pharmaceuticals to develop a novel central nervous system biomarker. Orasi release

> The FDA says it will use Ariana Pharma's data analysis technology to validate biomarker signatures. Report

> Diaceutics and London Genetics are partnering up on new software designed to accelerate biomarker development. Diaceutics release

> Chronix Biomedical announced that it has completed a Series E financing that raised $1.8 million from existing and new investors. Chronix is developing disease-specific biomarkers based on DNA fragments that are released into the bloodstream by damaged and dying (apoptotic) cells. Chronix release

> ImmunoDiagnostic Systems has acquired Norway's MGP Diagnostics for an undisclosed sum. MGP Diagnostics owns a portfolio of patents relating to a biomarker called Matrix GLA protein. Story

And Finally... A new proteomics approach is being used to identify biomarkers. A French group used the technology to identify a biomarker that could be used to track recovery from a heart attack. Story