Biomarkers could indicate weakening transplanted hearts; Qiagen adds new biomarkers to pipeline;

Heart Failure

> Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital have discovered a combination of biomarkers related to blood vessel and tissue injury that, when measured together, could provide early detection of late heart transplant detection--that is, when a transplanted heart is becoming damaged to the point of failure. Release


> Researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have retracted two papers involving colon cancer biomarkers after alleged inconsistencies and data falsification, according to Retraction Watch. Story

University News

> The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey has established the Biomarker Discovery Center on its Stratford campus under the direction of Robert Nagele, professor of medicine at the medical school's New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging. Release


> Dutch Qiagen ($QGEN) announced three separate agreements to add multiple biomarkers to its development pipeline of diagnostics for personalized healthcare applications to guide treatments with various medicines based on a patient's genomic information. Release

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