Biocorp launches Inspair inhaler monitoring add-on

Bespak metered-dose inhaler

French devicemaker Biocorp is launching its Inspair sensor, which is designed to connect to asthma and COPD inhalers and provide detailed information to patients and physicians regarding proper use of the device.

Biocorp specializes in data-wiring instruments like its internet-connected DataPen for recording insulin injection on a mobile app or add-ons that accomplish the same task with existing delivery devices. Inspair follows along those lines, adapting to most metered-dose inhalers to record data.

And asthma and COPD, even with the right inhaler, can be difficult to treat due to poor patient management and severe complications of the symptoms.

Inspair connects to the inhaler’s mouthpiece to record daily inhalation data, monitor correct preparation of the canister, detect incorrect dosing and give a patient steps for inhalation if needed. It does this through small sensors and an electronic card, as well as adapters to fit different mouthpieces.

“Biocorp’s objective is to develop innovative solutions in order to improve treatment compliance by patients suffering from chronic diseases,” Biocorp CEO Jacques Gardette said. “Significant applications have been developed in diabetology, endocrinology and neurology with the Datapen and Easylog devices, and our new sensor Inspair also positions us in the area of chronic lung diseases which affect an increasing number of people in need of new solutions to improve compliance.”