Berg Pharma brings biomarkers for autism a step closer

Autism affects up to 1 in 110 children across the U.S. Though research is ongoing and a few possible markers have been highlighted, there are so far no clinically validated biomarkers that can be used for objective diagnosis of this developmental disorder. Berg Biosystems and Berg Diagnostics presented data from a study at the US-HUPO meeting in San Francisco that might bring a biomarker test a little closer. The researchers used the Berg Interrogative Biology Discovery Platform to screen tissues from families that included one or more autistic children. The screen used bioinformatics to analyze the proteome, metabolome, and lipidome (all the proteins, metabolites and fats in the cells), and found three potential protein biomarkers. Berg's next step is to validate these markers and develop a diagnostic kit for early detection. As well as having a role in diagnosis, biomarkers could also play a part in developing treatments, as potential targets for new drugs. Press release