Access Scientific granted POWERWAND 510(k) approval; EnteroMedics sets sights on Australia for obesity treatment

> The FDA has awarded 510(k) approval status to Access Scientific for POWERWAND, an "extended-dwell, power-injectible 3.1 inch IV catheter." The company previously received the CE Mark and will also be marketed in the UK, Australia and South Africa. Access release

> St. Paul, MN-based EnteroMedics received CE Mark Certification for the second generation of its Maestro RC System, an obesity treatment. As the company moves toward Australian approval, it also signed a multi-year distribution deal with Device Technologies Australia. EnteroMedics release

> In an effort to advance glaucoma treatment, Diopsys has released its NOVA-DN VEP Vision Testing System, which allows optometrists and opthalmologists to detect glaucoma and other optic nerve disorders earlier on in the disease than previously possible. The system works via measuring electrical responses of a patient's vision system "from the eye to the visual cortex." Diopsys release

> Diatron has received 510(k) approval for its clinical chemistry system, Pictus 400, which can run up to 400 analytic tests per hour. Diatron release

And Finally... After news reports showed Japanese officials using Thermo Fisher Scientific's RadEye B20 radiation detectors to monitor local radiation levels, calls poured into the company from China, South Korea and other countries who wanted to order the device. According to spokesman Ron O'Brien, the company may heighten its production to keep up with the demand. Article