Abbott adds data sharing to smartphone app for Freestyle Libre

Abbott's FreeStyle Libre Flash glucose monitoring system--Courtesy of Abbott

Abbott ($ABT) now has a mobile app to collect and share data for its continuous glucose monitor that doesn't require routine finger-stick calibration, FreeStyle Libre. The app was created by AirStrip Technologies--and now partner Diasend also enables patients to view that data alongside information from other compatible devices including insulin pumps, blood glucose meters and activity trackers. Data collection for the FreeStyle Libre was previously confined to a dedicated handheld reader.

This adds Abbott's Freestyle Libre to the more than 140 different glucose monitors, insulin pumps, CGM systems and activity trackers that are already compatible with the Diasend system. The company has added more than 400,000 new patients to the system in the last 12 months, with over one million uploads of unique devices.

"We are committed to helping people achieve their best health so we strive to give our customers access to the best possible products and services to help them better manage their diabetes," said Eric Davis, director of new product innovation at diabetes care at Abbott, in a statement. "Our collaboration with Diasend is one more step in that direction and we are excited to bring our customers even closer together with their physicians."

The LibreLink app for the Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system is already available to import data into the Diasend system. It's only compatible with Android smartphones.

The blood glucose levels are read by scanning the sensor with the back of the Android phone. Once connected via the app, those data automatically populate in the patient's cloud-based Diasend account that can be linked with a healthcare provider so they can access that information.

Abbott's Freestyle Libre is CE marked for use by adults and children to monitor glucose levels via a sensor worn on the back of the upper arm for up to 14 days. Unlike other CGMs, it doesn't require twice-daily calibration using finger-stick blood glucose monitoring. The company hasn't yet revealed the details of its regulatory strategy for the Freestyle Libre in the U.S.

"It's a perfect match between game changing glucose sensing hardware and industry leading data management software," said Diasend CEO Anders Sonesson.

He noted that there is a growing interest among clinics for passively acquired patient data. On the LibreLink rollout Sonesson added, "This will make Diasend even more functional within both our existing Type 1 offering and our upcoming venture into Type 2 diabetes."

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