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Eli Lilly headquarters

8. Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly spent nearly a quarter of its income on R&D last year, putting it near the top of its peers in percentage terms, and saw some of that spend pay off—overall, however, last year was a mixed bag for the company’s research.

6. AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca had a pretty rough few years of R&D setbacks and failures up until 2012, when its former chief, David Brennan, was all but pushed out as a result. But things seem to have steadied somewhat since Pascal Soriot took the helm.

Analysts on amyloid thesis: It's not dead yet

Just a few weeks back, many were writing off the amyloid hypothesis in Alzheimer’s after Lilly posted top-line data showing its candidate failed a phase 3. Last night, however, Biogen released some fresh data for its drug aducanumab that, alongside some more detailed info from Lilly’s failed med, may just warrant another look.