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Eli Lilly headquarters

8. Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly spent nearly a quarter of its income on R&D last year, putting it near the top of its peers in percentage terms, and saw some of that spend pay off—overall, however, last year was a mixed bag for the company’s research.

Lilly gets positive abemaciclib phase 3 data, plots 2017 NDA

Eli Lilly was hit earlier this month when rival Novartis became the second, after front-runner Pfizer, to gain FDA approval for its CDK 4/6 inhibitor Kisqali (ribociclib), but a readout from its new phase 3 data has buoyed the Big Pharma nonetheless, as it plots an NDA in Q2.

‘Spiderweb’ of lung cancer proteins snares new drug targets

Scientists at Emory University’s Winship Cancer Institute are on a mission to unlock the mysteries of lung cancer cells that have long been thought to be unresponsive to any drug therapy. So they’ve developed what they call a “spiderweb of interactions” between proteins in those cancer cells, and they’re using the data to figure out how to target cancer mutations in the lung.