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Bind Therapeutics

Bind rose to prominence on the strength of its pedigree and venture backing as much as its technology. But its nanotechnology platform came up short, leaving the company to seek a Big Pharma partner to stay afloat. No one came to the rescue, and Bind sold off its assets to Pfizer for $40 million.

6. Bind Therapeutics

Bind Therapeutics had the dubious honor of being one of only a handful of biotechs to file for bankruptcy last year. After a series of trial failures, dropped deals and major staff cuts, Bind went into Chapter 11, and its assets were sold off to Pfizer for just $40 million.

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Bankrupt biotech Bind eyes $20M sale to Pfizer

The Robert Langer-backed nanoparticle cancer biotech Bind, after a decade in the business, looks to be at the end of the road after the company said it was seeking an approval for a “stalking horse” bid today from Pfizer.