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At the end of November, Arrowhead's hep B candidate, along with a host of others and 30% of its staff, were put under the ax as the biotech sought desperately to refocus.

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Arrowhead targets major layoffs, ditches programs after trial hold

A few weeks back, and in fact the day before the U.S. election, RNAi biotech Arrowhead quietly posted some miserable news that its hep B candidate, ARC-520, was placed under a clinical hold by the FDA. Today, this candidate, along with a host of others and 30% of its staff, are to be axed as the biotech desperately seeks to refocus.

Arrowhead sneaks out pre-election clinical hold news on hep B candidate

Late last night, seemingly in an effort to minimize exposure to the news as the U.S. election dominates, small cap Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals announced that the FDA has hit the biotech with a clinical hold for a small test of its hep B med ARC-520, which has previously been touted as a possible cure for the infection.