UCB to enhance informatics environment with Dotmatics Vortex

BISHOPS STORTFORD, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dotmatics Limited, a leading provider of informatics solutions for pharma, biotech, chemical, agrochemical and academic industries, announced today that UCB have deployed Vortex, a premium scientific intelligence tool, to enhance and extend their data analysis and visualization capabilities which will directly support drug research and development efforts.

Vortex provides an intuitive and versatile approach to the analysis and visualization of extensive amounts of scientific data, providing users with the ideal tools to make decisions and reach conclusions faster. With an interactive dashboard, Vortex allows the manipulation of millions of data points including chemical structures, in a simple computer at a record speed. Vortex connects terabytes of disparate data coming from multiple data sources, giving scientists a holistic view of the information. It also contains a toolset of interactive plots, algorithms and tables that enable scientists to effortlessly harness the knowledge hidden behind the mountain of data.

"We have used Dotmatics Browser for a number of years now and it is a central component in chemical query and interrogation," said Phil Scordis, Head of Informatics at UCB.  "The Vortex toolkit significantly expands our informatics system. It offers us the ability to deliver enhanced analytical capabilities to end users and extends UCB's data visualization environment."

"Browser was implemented at UCB as a data query tool and it is great that they have decided to expand their informatics system with the addition of Vortex," said Stephen Gallagher, CEO Dotmatics. "We are positive that the seamless integration of Vortex with Browser will hugely benefit UCB by accelerating the discovery process in the lab."

About Dotmatics:

At the forefront of innovation, Dotmatics is a leading global scientific informatics software and services provider, delivering solutions tailored to the modern, highly collaborative and mobile pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical industries and academia. Dotmatics' enterprise solutions are flexible, scalable and configurable, providing effective scientific information management across entire organizations, from discovery research to development to early manufacturing.  The web-based knowledge solutions dramatically improve the way scientific data is queried, managed and shared within and across organizations. Dotmatics has significant expertise in scientific informatics, including database management for chemistry and biologics, screening data management, SAR analysis, reporting, and visualization. A privately owned company, Dotmatics was founded in 2005 and their headquarters is based south of Cambridge in the UK.


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