Twitter app aids in finding clinical trials

Healthcare IT start-up TrialX has launched an application that allows the 4 million to 6 million (and growing) Twitter users to find clinical trials. Users query (tweet) TrialX using the keyword "CT" for clinical trial, and provide a few health profile details ("I'm a 55 year-old male with prostate cancer looking for trials in Columbus, OH").

In about a minute, says TrialX, you'll receive a reply tweet with a tinyurl link to the TrialX page containing matching trials.

Alternatively, using the TrialX web site, prospective subjects can go further, importing their personal health record information from Microsoft HealthVault, Google Health, or Indivo, to find trials and send emails to trial investigators. Likewise, investigators can submit their approved clinical trials on the TrialX website, recruit eligible participants, and track responses.

- read the press release
- check out the TrialX Twitter page