System checks Rx compliance via cell phone, RFID

Patients recovering from congestive heart failure at a New York hospital are being offered a telemonitoring system to help with medication compliance. The data collected from the system generates an e-diary of patient adherence to the prescribed drug regimen, so clinicians and doctors can monitor compliance at the patient or study group level.

The eMedonline telemonitoring dose management system is being tested at Nyack Hospital. Patients can opt into the program when they are released from the hospital. They are provided their medication in smart-labeled packaging that includes a radio frequency identification tag, a wireless tag reader, and a cell phone. The reader turns the phone into a medication scanner.

A mobile app running on the phone schedules the medication and calls patients at the appropriate times. The system provides prompts, and a synthesized voice tells them which medication to take and what it's for.

The tag reader lets patients know they have the right bottle, while the phone transmits their responses to a database and to medical and clinical staff. Missed doses generate alerts to the medical team.

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