Stanford genomics center adopts DNAnexus data management platform

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The Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine (SCGPM) has begun using DNAnexus’ platform for the analysis and sharing of sequencing data. Having landed the deal, DNAnexus has set up its cloud data management system as the link between SCGPM’s core sequencing facility and the nearly 80 laboratories that access its output.

This large network of laboratories that need access to the Illumina ($ILMN)-powered sequencing center run by SCGPM has resulted in the organization having a distinct set of data management requirements. In the years since the Stanford Medical School set up SCGPM in 2009, the scope and scale of these responsibilities have grown, leading to the point at which the center began exploring different ways to manage its data.

DNAnexus, which is involved in multiple large and complex sequencing operations, has evidently demonstrated it understands--and can meet--the challenge. “Their sequencing services require the management of a tremendous amount of sensitive data across a distributed network of researchers and scientists,” DNAnexus CEO Richard Daly said in a statement. “This is a massive undertaking that requires a secure and proven genome informatics and data management platform.”

With FDA sitting alongside Regeneron ($RGEN) on the list of organizations that rely on DNAnexus, the company now has the credentials to back up claims that it can deliver “secure and proven” products. Importantly, as a provider of a cloud-based platform, DNAnexus also delivers scalable products. The SCGPM team has started out putting 40 to 50 sequencing lanes a week through its DNAnexus portal, but has the opportunity to ramp up activity if needed.

The level of demand will depend, in part, on the sequencing requirements of Stanford researchers from departments outside of SCGPM. Such researchers can contract SCGPM to sequence samples on an Illumina HiSeq 2000 for a minimum price of $1,400 per lane.

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