Semantics app yields research models

Researchers can use the Applied Semantic Knowledgebase to build a collection of models built from their research, then apply the models to visualizing and validating data-driven hypotheses. The models can also be used for knowledge-based screening.

ASK is intended for use in such areas as biomarker-based predictive biology and personalized medicine, including target profile creation and validation, compound efficacy and promiscuity screening, toxicity profiling and detection, disease signature detection, predictive clinical trials pre-screening, and patient stratification, according to a company announcement.

The knowledgebase, from IO Informatics, is delivered via the company's Sentient software suite.

Semantic technology lets researchers search document and database information in a single network, as reported earlier, helping to find information based on relevant meaning rather than keywords. Such searches will yield information from previously published work, even in other disciplines. The IO Informatics announcement precedes a semantic technology announcement by Alitora Systems and The J. David Gladstone Institutes reported last week.

- here's the IO announcement