SAS, JMP visualize safety review data

SAS kicks up safety data review capabilities with the release of JMP Clinical 3. Functionality for subject clustering and time windowing are new in this version. And the company says a simplified starter menu helps users select reports and analyses for visual review.

Since the JMP Clinical launch last June, the product's claim to fame is its integration of visuals and statistics, capitalizing on the respective strengths of JMP and SAS. That combination is enhanced in version 3 with subject clustering functionality, which lets researchers look for patterns across safety domains and identify similarities within subsets of volunteers.

The new time-windowing function helps investigators compare interventions, events and findings for two or more time periods. Via dashboards they can create "sophisticated visual summaries," the company says.

The system provides for safety and efficacy data displays as both industry-standard visualizations and novel graphics. It's "a magical combination of deep analytics and dynamic visualization," says Russ Wolfinger, JMP director for scientific discovery and genomics, in a company blog.

Version 3 follows FDA reporting guidelines and is CDISC compliant.

- here's the SAS release
- see the blog

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