Roche, AZ find little of use in data flood

Data, data everywhere, but not an insight to be gleaned. That's the growing problem of drug discovery and development, according to speakers at a recent Financial Times pharma and biotech conference.

Roche finds that despite its data volume doubling in 15 months, it gains little in the way of development insight. The company struggles to filter and make sense of the flood, reports Information Age. "I don't think we are increasing our know-how every 15 months, far from it," says CFO and IT head Erich Hunziker, in the article. "We don't know how to filter it."

AstraZeneca likely agrees that trying to discern a development strategy from volumes of data is an ineffective approach, says conference speaker John Saaty, CEO at software maker Decision Lens. He says the drugmaker ran a project to analyze data on drug candidates and plot the data on a graph to discern a course of action. "But what happened was that all the products ended up landing right on top of each other--there was really no differentiation."

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