Report probes info workers' time

An IDC study shows that the number of hours spent by "information workers" on email and other computer-based activities hasn't changed much since the global research company first started collecting data on the topic in 2001. The study, Hidden Costs of Information Work: A Progress Report, finds that email consumes an average of 13 hours per week per worker, a cost of $21,000 per year for those earning $75,000.

Activities that require working with others, including communicating and collaborating, or managing projects, come next, followed by creating and publishing information, according to an announcement.

Web 2.0 applications are infiltrating the workplace and such tools as instant messaging, social networking and blogs are taking over for traditional ones like email or team workspaces, according to the 12-page, $1000 document.

"Tasks related to creating, organizing, finding, and analyzing information have become significant time sinks," says author Susan Feldman, VP for search and discovery technologies.

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