PRODUCT UPDATE: Symyx Notebook 6.6

In this update, Accelrys extends the Symyx lab notebook to analytical, process and formulation scientists. It also provides out-of-the box integration with the company's Pipeline Pilot enterprise R&D platform. Its place in the R&D spectrum is drug development to early manufacturing.

Version 6.6 maintains the course Accelrys has set for Symyx. The previous update (6.5), released last August, targeted chemical process development, production scale-up and admin compliance. It's what the company called then a "more connected lab ecosystem." With 6.6, the idea is "a better job of harmonizing processes, corporate ontology, data access and knowledge capture."

Accelrys merged with Symyx about a year ago, in a marriage of the former's CAD modeling and simulation expertise with the latter's electronic lab notebook technology.

Version 6.6 features:

  • Validated, compliant processes for chemistry, manufacturing and control tasks
  • Tools for designing and documenting chemical and biological formulations (route, method and formulation selection and optimization)
  • Data source connection, for joining notebook experiment repositories with the company's decision support software, Isentris

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