Pfizer integrates Wyeth via ERP; FDA approves imaging app;

> Pfizer has spent $1.6 billion on system integration since merging with Wyeth, reportedly including a global SAP ERP roll-out to help tie the former rivals together. Article

> The FDA last week okayed software for viewing images and making medical diagnoses from MRIs and CT, PET and SPECT scans on Apple hand-held devices. Story

> OpenClinica has released a beta version of OpenClinica 3.1, which includes improvements to the Extract Data function for organizing, formatting, and presenting data. Item

> Selventa has teamed with simulation advisory Rosa, for a drug discovery/development combination. Selventa release

> Clinical decision support systems specialist Avia's Odyssey clinical content is now available via the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Report

> Continuing medical education provider Projects In Knowledge now provides an iPhone app for its Living Medical eTextbook reference. Projects in Knowledge release