Paper details capacity management

Capacity planning in the three key areas-storage, virtualization and backup-is the subject of a white paper from Tek-Tools Software. Author George Crump of IT consultancy Storage Switzerland writes in Total Capacity Management that the goal is to ensure that data center resources are employed at an effective but safe level.

The paper describes the complementary relationship between resource utilization tools and capacity planning tools to achieve proper balance. It also explains how the single view provided by total capacity management tools eases the process. The paper soft-pedals the use of such tools as it provides insight and guidance on balancing data center resources amid budget constraints.

"Most every enterprise organization is scrutinizing budgets, especially in costly, critical areas such as IT infrastructure," says Tek-Tools president and CEO Ken Barth, in an announcement. "This paper emphasizes the need to understand what IT assets are in place and how they are interrelated, in order to optimize utilization."

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