OpenClinica releases updated EDC software; SAS continues analytics market domination;

> OpenClinica has released a new version of its EDC software, which the company says improves the efficiency of data managers, monitors, and site users to capture and clean data. The updated version also allows users to customize data extract formats, includes an expanded web services interface, and supports dynamic skip logic in case report forms. The software will be demonstrated at DIA this week. OpenClinica release

> A report published by IDC says that SAS continues to lead the market and even increased its growth rate in the advanced analytics market in 2010. Release

> A new partnership between the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and Asian CRO GVK Biosciences gives Indiana researchers access to more data. Report

> RIKEN and CLC bio are teaming up to offer genome analysis tools in areas of Japan affected by the recent earthquake. Report

> Using new mathematical and computational techniques, researchers at Ohio State University have identified six influenza A viruses that have particularly close genetic relationships to the H1N1 flu virus. Report

> A survey conducted by IntraLinks finds that the majority of investigator sites are using traditional methods--email, courier and fax--as a primary tool for clinical trial document exchange. A relatively small number of respondents are using web-based document exchange tools as their primary method. Release

And Finally... Illumina picked the winners in its first iDEA Challenge competition from 30 academic and commercial entries. The competition rewarded advances in data visualization and recognized technology that could improve the scientific utility of Illumina data. Report