One Eleven Software and ROI(2) Create Alliance, Offer Influence Network E-sampling

One Eleven Software and ROI(2) Create Alliance, Offer Influence Network E-sampling
New e-sampling product identifies and targets most influential prescribers to increase the ROI of pharmaceutical marketing campaigns

WEST CORNWALL, Conn. & RESTON, Va., Apr 03, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- One Eleven Software, a leader in the development of software solutions for healthcare providers (HCPs), and ROI(2), a pioneer in influence intelligence, today announced a strategic alliance to develop e-sampling products for pharmaceutical marketing that identify and target physicians who influence vast networks of prescribers.

"The combination of One Eleven's e-sampling solutions with ROI(2)'s Sphere of Influence will drastically improve pharmaceutical company targeting of physicians," said Janet Carlson, C.E.O., One Eleven Software. "Traditionally, pharma has sampled based on decile, that is, based on the number of prescriptions written. Influence Network Sampling will instead sample based on the influence a physician has within their community and their network. This type of targeting is much more accurate and measures the impact of messaging and sampling in real-time."

Influence Misunderstood

Digital Influence is one of the hottest trends in social media. It is also one of the least understood. The textbook definition of influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. Digital influence, however, is the ability to cause effect, change behavior, and drive measurable outcomes both online and off.

"Brands are realizing the promise of connecting to connected physicians. While decile-based sampling focused on one metric -- the number of prescriptions a doctor is writing -- Influence Network Sampling measures a dozen metrics to define the influence a physician has within their community," said Bonnie Rishell, C.E.O., ROI(2). "Pharmaceutical companies that use our Influence Vector® score understand that the context of relationships is more important and can have a greater impact than just decile. Pharmaceutical company marketers that choose to use Influence Network Sampling will be better able to proactively drive positive sentiment, engagement, results, and return on investment."

Influence Network Sampling is now available from One Eleven Software. For more information contact Janet Carlson, C.E.O., One Eleven Software, at 860.672.0043 x111 or [email protected] or Bonnie Rishell, C.E.O., ROI(2), Inc. at 800.714.8329 or [email protected].

One Eleven Software: One Eleven Software develops software solutions that connect pharmaceutical companies to healthcare providers. Our industry-leading e-sampling solution, SampleServer®, helps pharmaceutical companies improve their sampling efforts. SampleServer was designed with physicians to extend salesforce effectiveness, cover vacant (or "white") territories, and increase brand awareness. One Eleven Software leads the innovation of e-sampling, developing the first mobile sampling, first e-signature, and first finger signature programs. Today, SampleServer powers major pharmaceutical companies' e-sampling programs and Epocrates' m-sampling program.

ROI²: ROI² provides Influence Intelligence® to help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies improve Key Opinion Leader (KOL) targeting and analysis. Our Influence Relationship Management® (IRM) software allows customers to make critical decisions based on KOLs identified at the local, regional and national levels. IRM allows full profiling and tracking for centers of excellence, institutions, managed care organizations, health care providers, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), scientific leaders, market driver KOLs, and decision makers. ROI(2)'s 800,000 healthcare provider panel includes more than 40 million linkages and covers 37 established disease categories/therapeutic areas. Product branding, marketing, clinical, field and sales personnel professionals at top 25 life sciences companies have seen measurable results on executing programs in both pre- and post-launch phases utilizing ROI² Influence Intelligence.

SOURCE: One Eleven Corporation

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