NIH researchers get search tool

The Center for Information Technology (CIT) at the National Institutes of Health has expanded its licenses for the text-mining AlmaKnowledgeServer 2 (AKS2) by more than 25%, providing researchers involved in the human salivary proteome project an annotation platform. The project goal is to support the discovery of saliva-based diagnostics, which may one day provide inexpensive non-invasive tests that can be performed in a doctor's office or patient's home.

Bioalma says in an announcement that it has added functionality and expanded resources to the biomedical search tool to help researchers scour scientific literature. AKS2 software, which helps scientists search, analyze, and visualize information extracted from biomedical literature, is the basis for the company's free biomedical search tool, novo|seek.

Among the additions to AKS2 are chemical information, including PubChem data, abstract alerts and journal name search. The software is organized in a relational database that is updated daily.

- read the announcement
- visit the AKS2 website

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