Nextrials, Formedix integrate platforms

CDISC registered solutions providers Nextrials and Formedix have integrated a data capture/trial management system with study design tools. The integration gives users of the Nextrials Prism data management platform the Formedix Origin tools to build customized databases, trimming specification and development time.

The integrated solution helps researchers design clinical trial databases that have the ability to generate annotated electronic case report forms. Creation of database design specs and submission-ready CRFs also is supported. Tools from the alliance-minded Formedix let users establish libraries of CDISC ODM content, which can be dragged and dropped from study to study.

Eli Lilly recently made its ODM library, containing over 500 forms, 15,000 items and 3,000 code lists, available as free downloads through Formedix, according to an announcement.

- here's the Nextrials release

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