Mobile phone becomes tool for clinical trials

The ubiquitous cell phone is increasingly being used as a reporting tool in all corners of the drug industry. They are now proving themselves in outcomes reporting for clinical trials, adding to their existing use as a drug-authentication tool. They are also being evaluated as a telemonitoring device for managing drug administration.

Exco InTouch says cell phones are driving a shift to mobile patient-reported outcomes (mPRO) from their ePRO counterparts. The patient-communications solutions provider has worked with some 450,000 patients in 60 countries, according to an announcement, and has had to provide cell phones to only 646 patients.

In a case history webinar, the U.K. company notes use of the phones in capturing real-time patient data. The company also says that the assessment frequency, quality of user interface, feedback, and electronic reminder features they provide can help influence patient compliance and trial data quality. Exco's platform complies with FDA guidelines and allows patients to use their own phones as both data collector and transmitter to a secure central server.

- here's the announcement