Medisafe pitches drug adherence service at pharma, patient recruitment teams

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Medisafe has started pitching its medication adherence software to biopharma companies. The new offering, which builds on Medisafe’s consumer-focused efforts, is designed to help drug companies increase adherence to their medications and facilitate patient recruitment.

To date, Medisafe has built its business on a mobile app designed to make it easier for patients to stick to their treatment regimens. The app has now racked up 3 million users who have logged taking more than 370 million doses of their medications. As such, Medisafe now has an adherence app, a wealth of data on the habits of people on medication and connections to a significant number of patients, each of which it is leveraging in its attempt to land biopharma customers.

The app remains the focal point of the offering. Drug companies that sign up to work with Medisafe can create apps with customized designs and interfaces, enabling them to co-brand the software and preload it with the dosing schedule of their products. Medisafe is hoping drugmakers will see value in such a customized app, which it views as a way to increase the proportion of patients who stick to their treatment regimens and, by extension, the number likely to respond positively to medication.

Medisafe is pitching the app as one part of a broader service. The company also plans to leverage the data it has accrued on patient medication practices to help drugmakers better understand how their drugs are being used, as well as what they can do to increase adherence. And Medisafe is planning to collaborate with drug developers on the perennial problem of patient recruitment. The recruitment service is a mix of patient education and outreach initiatives.

“We gain broader distribution … [by] using pooled cohort-level data on existing active users to target patients in online communities and social networks,” a spokesperson for Medisafe told FierceBiotechIT.

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