iPhone, 3G show potential for trials

Two new mobile offerings for healthcare show potential for use in clinical trials. One is an iPhone app for phototherapy; the other, remote-monitoring tools available via 3G wireless.

AT&T is connecting the MedApps software suite for chronic-condition monitoring to its 3G network. The combination provides for mobile solutions that are accessible via a variety of telecom carriers, device types and operating systems. One goal of the deal is to help patients comply with their treatment instructions. Another may be for outcomes reporting in clinical trials.

Separately, an iPhone app that complements dermatology-treatment products benefits both those who administer phototherapy treatments in-clinic and patients who treat at home.

The software turns the smartphone into a calculator of treatment times for phototherapy equipment and of backup times for dosimetry machines. It also calculates the time for  broadband and narrowband UVB  treatments.

The app isfrom light-therapy equipment provider Daavlin, which also makes the SmartTouch electronic records system.

- read the AT&T/MedApps report
- here's the Daavlin announcement

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