Informatics app matches biosamples, projects

A computer application called Crimson is accelerating the pace of translational research. The informatics solution helps to get blood and other biological samples to researchers.

Crimson is the brainchild of Lynn Bry, assistant professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School, who is highlighted in Science as an informatics solution developer who has combined computing knowledge with her clinical and research education. The idea for Crimson began during her pathology post-doctoral work, while she was the only holder of biological samples among her peers at a research lab for immunology.

Bry worked in conjunction with Daedalus Software to launch the application in 2007. Crimson matches samples to known research needs while ensuring patient privacy and regulatory compliance. It now receives daily feeds of information on thousands of blood, urine, tissue, cerebrospinal fluid, and bacteria samples from patients in Harvard-affiliated clinical and pathology labs.

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