I'm Ryan McBride, FierceBiotech IT's new editor

Thank you for choosing to read FierceBiotech IT. As the publication's new editor, I think you've made a wise choice.

If you're reading this note, you likely understand the important role of information technology in the life sciences business. Scientists around the globe can now collaborate online, in the cloud, to advance their research. Web software aids in the management of clinical trials. These are great developments because they at least promise to improve the health of patients and make the entire industry operate efficiently.

Here at FierceBiotech IT, I plan to write about how information technology is transforming life sciences from the basic research stage to the marketing of healthcare products. I aim to provide concise reports on the most important news and most insightful analyses, much in the tradition of FierceBiotech and FiercePharma. Still, I'd like to hear from you about what you want from this publication.

I think that FierceBiotech IT is worth a quick read for every life sciences professional, particularly those who are involved in research and discovery efforts, informatics and clinical investigations. More than ever, I believe, IT offers strategic advantages to those businesses that use it effectively. For example, certain forms of cloud computing provide a route toward greater efficiency in the way life sciences companies do business.

About me: I'm the new guy at Fierce. I've spent the past two and a half years covering the Boston-area life sciences scene as a correspondent for Xconomy (I'm actually finishing up some stories for Xconomy this month). You might have also seen some of my stories in recent years in The Boston Globe, the Boston Business Journal, and The Motley Fool, too. As for writing about biotech IT, my first real lesson in the value of IT in developing drugs came with my early experience several years back covering Phase Forward (which has since been acquired by Oracle, of course) when I was a staff writer for Mass High Tech in Boston. At Xconomy, I've been doing a lot of coverage in recent years on the use of IT in healthcare and drug development.

Why do I do what I do? I'm fascinated by what is often a Herculean effort of translating a scientific discovery into a life-saving product. While I'm certainly no cheerleader for life sciences companies, I believe that there is an extra benefit to chronicling this industry because of the way its products impact our lives.

Again, thank you for reading. And please stay tuned! - Ryan McBride (twitter | email)

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